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The low voltage, data and communication segments of the electrical industry are rapidly and constantly evolving, requiring technicians to continually master the latest technologies of the 21st century. Electric 1 frequently invests resources to training our communication technicians to ensure they deliver superior skills and value on all state-of-the-art installations. Our team is dedicated to providing customers with the necessary tools to operate businesses at peak efficiency.

Let Electric 1 help you install the cabling in your home or business. We are skilled in Category 5e, 6, 6a copper cabling installations. Other services include Outside Plant (OSP) and Inside Plant (ISP) single mode and multimode fiber optic cabling installation, testing, and restoration.

Our low voltage, data, and communication services include:

Data Centers


Fiber Optics


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Audio Systems


Video Systems



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Life Safety Systems

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Fiber-optic cables are now the main way of carrying information over long distances because they have three very big advantages over old-style copper cables:

  • Less Signal Loss – Information travels roughly 10 times further before it needs amplifying—which makes fiber networks cheaper to operate & maintain.
  • No Interference – Unlike copper cables, there’s no “crosstalk” between optical fibers, so they transmit information more reliably with better signal quality.
  • Higher Bandwidth – Fiber-optic cables can carry far more data than copper cables of the same diameter.